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Purpose and aims

The purpose and aims of ACS is to promote ship safety at sea and protection of the marine environment and, in cooperation with other partners in the maritime community, to pursue improvement of ACS Members’ performance and their technical contributions to the international maritime community based on their accumulated technical knowledge and expertise.
Each member society will endeavour to promote technical cooperation and enhance communication with the maritime community.

ACS is dedicated to strengthening cooperation between its Member Societies on:

  • (a)promoting research and development of technology, so as to encourage technical advancement and provide technical services of the highest standard to the maritime community;
  • (b)providing technical contributions to governmental organizations and the maritime industry for the promotion of ship safety at sea and protection of the marine environment globally, in particular to the Asian maritime community;
  • (c)continuously improving Members’ performance with respect to ship safety and quality in technical services; and
  • (d)enhancing communication and dialogue with maritime industry organizations, in particular the Asian maritime industry.


The ACS, its members, and their respective officers, employees or agents, individually and collectively, assume no responsibility and shall not be liable to any person for any loss, damage or expense caused by reliance on the information, advice and documents included in this website.